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We would like to support a young german start-up company named SONO MOTORS with the founders Laurin Hahn, Navina Pernsteiner and Jona Christians.

Their vision of the change from the actual oil dependable combustion engine cars to an electric mobility, which is much more than just sustainable mobility, is an essential contribution to change the actual traffic and environmental situation. With their concept of an electric driven car called SION they combine driving pleasure with efficiency and sustainability. The feature that the SION's battery is charged via in the car-surface integrated solar panels is one of the well considered design and configuration wich comes together in that exceptional car.

With the successful crowdfunding campaign, one of the important steps to reach the goals has been done.

We just like to support the campaign until end of the year 2016: With every order of a preamp from Richter Electronic Engineering and a donation of 5 EUR (A helpful step) to SONO Motors you will pay 5 EUR less of your invoice, if you send us a copy of your bank transfer via email to mail@richter-ee.de.

Feel free to donate higher values than 5 EUR - you are always welcome.

Heiko Höpfinger